iMattix a.k.a. M2K alias Matthias

iMattix a.k.a. M2K
Born 26 May 1988 in Kamen, Germany as Matthias Kurz

Already in his younger days iMattix realized he had an interest for electronic dance music. In his family music did not play much of a role but from the start the new Techno Music fascinated iMattix a lot. Introduced to the medium via broadcasted performances and music videos this type of music inspired him from the late 1990s and through the 2000s up until today. Early on, the gift of the TechnoDrome Vol.7 Sampler and a first CD-player/ DiscMan given to him by an uncle defined his taste in music. iMattix listened to this record day and night over and over again, it was a revelation…

Then one day he decided to start creating his own sound. Humble beginnings on an old Win XP machine led to first creative projects and achievements. While the hardware more resembled a pile of crap iMattix found his way and never gave up on his passion for music. In hours and days of hard work a first Track came into being which sounded like … well it sounded like it sounded … never mind, one track became two, three and the sound was pretty much the same still until 2003. First steps in DAW software and a new system made it possible to go to the next level and get things going for real this time. Around the same time iMattix started out this ‘DJ-thing’ like everyone else infected by the music vibe. At first only for friends and himself, he got the opportunity to use internet radio (technolovers, beatbase, etc.) as a platform for his art, broadcasted to a more or less public audience.

Years later:

First success with the single “Be With You” still under the synonym M2K, publicly released (digital) on a minor label. This feeling was simply mind-blowing!

Later, numerous remixes extended the reach of this release. To this day, bootlegs are made.

The free-release “Weekend Has Come” reaches the whole mainstream-techno-based Web-Radio community.

Numerous remixes and bootlegs surfaced through the years and receive airplay up until today.

Kazim Akboga – Is‘ mir egal (BasePuncherZ Electro Remix Bootleg)

Tribute to Kazim Akboga † 9. Februar 2017
‘BasePuncherZ’ is a collaboration of artists Just!One and iMattix

Klaas – Close To You (iMattix Remix) released in bootleg format.

Many Web radios still play this release.

David Guetta, Brooks & Loote – Better When You’re Gone (iMattix Bootleg)

Many Web radios still play this release, also highly shared and promoted on YouTube.

Big “thank you” to Arno Paduch for helping out with the English version!